Customizing the data dir

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Customizing the data dir

Adam Laža
Hi all,

regarding [1] I'm wondering what's the best configuration of data dir after version upgrade.
In previous version I had just this:

I know it's better to set schema plugins folder from new version and I need to keep my folder with thumbnails so now I have:

But what about lucene, spatialindex, formatter etc.? Is it better to keep the same folder as in previous version or build them from scratch in new version?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Customizing the data dir

Hi Adam,

The way I understood this, I think the best way is to externalise the contents you're planning to customise. For example besides the data also the schemas directory if you're going to use your own or modified schemas. If the contents should get updated with new GN versions leave the defaults unchanged.

But I found this exactly in this two posts which you already know :

So, I hope you find this reminder however useful.