Custom coordinate system error with Fusion

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Custom coordinate system error with Fusion
I would like to load in Mapguide some shapefiles that use a custom coordinate
system, based on Lambert and GCS_ETRS_1989.

Everything seems fine up to the creation of a map, I configure my map with
WGS PseudoMercator to use then the map on a Fusion viewer and with google
maps as background.

When I configure the map with this Coordinate system, I can calculate
correctly the map extent (seems mapguide convert without problems from
custom CRS to WGS84).
When I run the fusion layout, in the map no layer is shown and in the
mapguide error log I get this error , it seems that mapguide can not use
correctly my custom CRS.
How can I solve this ?


Fusion Viewer Administrator
 Error: The coordinate system initialization failed.
        Could not initialize the geodetic transformation.
  - MgRenderingServiceHandler.ProcessOperation() line 83 file
  - MgOpQueryFeatures.Execute() line 125 file
  - MgServerRenderingService.QueryFeatures() line 1093 file
  - MgServerRenderingService.RenderForSelection() line 1823 file
  - MgCoordinateSystemFactory.GetTransform() line 221 file
  - MgCoordinateSystemTransform.SetSourceAndTarget() line 838 file

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