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Croppping GeoTIFF

Antonio Rodriges

I have two questions on GeoTIFF cropping

1) I have a raster with borders having NO_DATA value.
Is it possible to crop a raster over a "minimum" bounding rectangle,

Legend: * - no data, + - data

* ++**   ->  ++
* ++**        ++

2) I know how to crop a raster by providing coordinates in a CRS.

Envelope envelope2D = new ReferencedEnvelope(
      envelopeStartX, envelopeEndX, envelopeStartY, envelopeEndY,

GridCoverage2D tile = (GridCoverage2D) ops.crop(obj.coverage, envelope2D);

How do I crop by providing raster indices (ranging from 0..height,
0..width) instead of coordinates in a CRS?


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