Creation of new topological rules in gvSIG desktop - Weekly report 3

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Creation of new topological rules in gvSIG desktop - Weekly report 3


Dear Community,


I have updated my wiki page with the weekly report 3. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. What did I complete this week?


I started the week with a previous study of the Must not have dangles rule as I anticipated last week. I created the repository corresponding to the rule and document some of the points that can be seen in the wiki. After talking with my tutor, it was concluded that the code corresponding to the Must be disjoint rule was to be modified again so that it could be applied to a single dataset. Therefore, the modified files are:


MustBeDisjointPointRule. py


The last few days, I've also been spending time on the part of the code that allows you to run the rule for datasets that do not automatically generate spatial indexes. In addition, I have also modified the json file that describes the rule and the action implemented and I updated the rule wiki.


_updated wiki:_


_rule must be disjoint repository:_


_rule must not have dangles wiki:_


  1. What am I going to achieve for next week?


Next week I will carry out the testing tasks with other datasets and the necessary documentation. I will also start to write the code corresponding to the rule Must not have dangles.


  1. Is there any blocking issue?


There is no blocking problem. I have acquired more fluency in all the tasks related to the rule and it is possible that I may develop some rules more than those indicated in the calendar defined for the coding period.







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