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I was trying to work around the widget creation using Foundation or
Bootstrap to create a modal to show some database (mysql) information
matching the id of my geom.
But after some time, i discovered that both were conflicting with Fusion.js
and Jxlib.
Ok, then...I started to look for MooTools to do the damn Modal, but finished
with Jx.Dialog to implement through TaskPane Widget.
Wanna know if someone can help me with some steps, or at least some
direction, to create this functionality.
Is simply matching information in a db and showing to the user.
How can i do? Which step do i follow? what do i have to accomplish first to
use the TaskPane Widget with some PHP code? Do i really have to create a
custom widget to do so?

Thank You in Advance.

I'm using Mapguide 2.5.1 @ Ubuntu 12.04
I know some coding with JS, PHP and what do i have to know to do what i need
to do.
Trying to do some with MySQL Database, but intending to change to Postgre +