Committee Telco meeting - 29th of Jan, 0900 (UTC)

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Committee Telco meeting - 29th of Jan, 0900 (UTC)

Pekka Sarkola

OSGeo UN committee Telco meeting will be on next Tuesday (29th of Jan) at 0900 (UTC, 1100 Helsinki ;-)

Google Hangouts link: 

Draft, preliminary, tentative agenda is:
- presentation of OSGeo UN Open GIS Initiative (Maria). 5 min
- Capacity Building of UN Open GIS (Maria). 10 min
- OSGeo UN Open Challenge (Serena). 10 min
- New proposals: free discussion and presentation by participants. 25 min (max time)
- Committee's wiki page on OSGeo website
- Upcoming events: 
     Meeting at FOSS4G Bucharest. 5 min

I try to be online few minutes before to help those who are not familiar with Google Hangouts.



Pekka Sarkola
Gispo Oy
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