Collaborative Writing for Open SciFi on Software Citation

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Collaborative Writing for Open SciFi on Software Citation

"Peter Löwe"
Dear list,

here comes an invitation from the realm of FORCE 11 for all of you with an active interest in softare citation - and science fiction writing:


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Collaborative Writing for Open SciFi on Software Citation: An Invitation!

No login required! 

Join in the collaborative SciFi short story writing on the Open Science topic of future tech ecologies: ‘the ideal Software Citation system’.

* Writing sprints each weekday 3-5pm CEST, starting Thursday 26 July | Thursday #plot | Friday #tech | Monday #expositional writing  

* Message or DM on Twitter #FutureCite

* The finished article will be published 1st August on Gen R

_Software Citation_

The aim is to collaboratively write an Open SciFi short story about what an ideal technology scenario would be for citing sources, especially software citation.

The story will be set ten years into the future, in 2028, at the time of a global disaster, an epidemic. What is thought to be the Ebola Virus Disease has broken out globally and scientist are rushing to find a cure or stem the outbreak.

What would be the impact that if since 2024 there had been fully automated knowledge systems where any ‘digital object’ in all Research Information Systems could be retrieved and seamlessly combined in real-time — by anyone, anywhere, and for free.

Simon Worthington @gen_r_
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