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Code Sprint Dec11-12

Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup)
Hello Mapbender community,

The Mapbender code sprint will take place on Saturday and Sunday (Dec
11-12) at WhereGroup in Bonn [1].

The target is the release of Mapbender 2.7.

In my opinion it would be helpful to organize up front so we can start
working rightaway without the need of lengthy discussions. The release
of 2.7 is a big step for the project and we really need to focus to get
this done.

We can use the wiki site for organizing, but additionally we can get
together at some point at the Where2B evening event [2]. We can also
meet on Friday at WhereGroup's Open Source Friday, either face to face
or via IRC. Please let us know if you are interested and available.

Here's a list from the top of my head that needs to be done. This list
is also in the wiki [3], *please add yourself to the topics you can help

- creation of two new template applications
-- OpenLayers template based on [4]
-- Layout template based on [5]
- clean up 2.7 milestone in bug tracker (bug fixing or ticket maintenance)
- layout (both general CSS or jQuery UI CSS framework)
- testing
- compile release information
- create technical documentation with NaturalDocs (suggestion: complete
JS documentation of new applications for a start)
- final security checkup
- announcement and marketing via blog, tweet, mail, wiki





Where2B Konferenz 2010
09. Dezember 2010 in Bonn


Aufwind durch Wissen!

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