Cartolab publishes OpenCADTools 0.2 and gvSIG-EIEL 1.0 Beta

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Cartolab publishes OpenCADTools 0.2 and gvSIG-EIEL 1.0 Beta

Francisco Puga

Cartolab just sent a note to gvSIG users lists announcing the release
of gvSIG-EIEL 1.0 Beta and the publication of OpenCADTools 0.2.

gvSIG-EIEL [1] is a tool that allows in a simple and comprehensive way
manage all the processes concerning the Spanish Survey of Local
Infrastructure and Equipment (EIEL). It consists of several extensions
for gvSIG, including OpenCADTools.

OpenCADTools [2] is an extension that comes to replace the extension
extCAD gvSIG default extension. OpenCADTools provides new
digitalization tools and changes in the user interface to improve

Some of new features of OpenCADTools are:
- MultiLine and MultiPolygon tools.
- Add and remove vertex.
- Cut line and polygon.
- Redigitalize line and polygon.
- Follow geometry.
- Snappers and follow geometry shortcuts on buttons bar.
- Remove last vertex with mouse right button.
- Finish geometry insertion with space bar.
- Finish geometry listener that can be used by other extensions (ie. NavTable).

From the point of view of developers the most interesting of the new
version of OpenCADTools is the existence of a listener that detects
the end of the digitization of a new geometry. This feature has been
requested in some way on other occasions in the mailing lists. We have
created a sample extension that uses this (project extNTOpenCADPlugin
[3]). It allows launch automatically Navtable when a new geometry is
created to fill the associated alphanumeric information. Some details
and user information can be viewed on the OpenCADTools wiki [4] (only
in spanish).

Let us finally remember that there is a list for developers
OpenCADTools to which you can subscribe [5].

gvSIG-EIEL has been made possible through the collaboration of many
people and entities, and has the active participation of the gvSIG
Association. We highlight the support from the spanish public
administration "Diputación de Pontevedra" and the support of the
"Dirección Xeral de Sostenibilidade e Paisaxe de Consellería de Medio
Ambiente, Territorio e Infraestructuras de la Xunta de Galicia", which
have funded some of the work and have actively collaborated in its



Francisco Puga
Grupo de Desarrollo
Cartolab - Laboratorio de Ingeniería Cartográfica.

ETS Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Universidade da Coruña
Campus de Elviña - 15071 A Coruña (España)
(34)981167000 ext. 5493
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