Cannot harvest from Thredds correctly

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Cannot harvest from Thredds correctly

Chiara Scaini-2
Hi all, I am a new Geonetwork user and I'm setting up a platform to display
meteorological data related to an Italian region.

I have succesfully installed Geonetwork on tomcat6 on a CentOS server and
I'm setting up an harvester to a Thredds catalog.
However, I can't succeed in harvesting data with the option "Extract
Unidata dataset discovery metadata using fragments" (the dropdown "Select
template to combine with fragments" is always empty). I tried loading
metadata as described in the documentation. I also tried to copy the
harvester templates from WEB-INF/data/config/schema_plugins/convert/* into
the /xml/schemas/iso19139/convert/* but it didn't work. Has anyone
harvested from a big repository of meteorological data (mostly Netcdf/Grib
from WRF model)?

Also, the catalog contains many different data sources so I'd like to
organize them hierarchically, and for that I have some additional
infomation in a separate PostgreSQL database. Ex. 2 entries in the Thredds
catalog have the same tag that is written in the Postgres database. What's
the best way to integrate metadata from the two sources?

Many thanks,
Chiara Scaini
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