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Campaign statement for Michael Smith

Michael Smith

For those os you that don't know me, I'm Michael Smith, a physical scientist at the US Army Corps of Engineers. I've been involved with the MapServer community since 2001 and OSGeo since its inception. For the last 2 years, I've been honored to be a OSGeo Board member and OSGeo treasurer. Its been quite a learning experience and I greatly thank Daniel Morissette, the previous OSGeo treasurer for so much support in handling the transition.

In my time on the board and as treasurer, my focus has been on encouraging governments (in general) and the US in particular, especially the Department of Defense which, personally I know makes extensive use of OSGeo projects, to more actively participate is OSGeo and the projects beyond just use and occasional commits. 

I've also been honored to be appointed the LocationTech representative from OSGeo and I've been working to make the relationship between OSGeo and LocationTech a real partnership with respect and appreciation for all the work that both organizations do. And that is my view of the relationship, these are two important organizations that work to achieve similar but compatible goals but with different focuses and with different strengths. As OSGeo is a welcoming, inclusive community, I feel strongly that we should work openly and honestly with all our partner organizations, with LocationTech being one of the most important. 

If reelected, I plan to continue as OSGeo Treasurer and as the LocationTech representative. 

I must say I am very humbled to see the strong list of candidates to the board. If I'm nor elected, I can see that OSGeo will be in very good hands. This is a particularly great group of candidates and it shows off the strength and diversity of the OSGeo community. 

Thank you for the nomination, OSGeo community.

Michael Smith
OSGeo Foundation Treasurer

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Campaign statement for Maria Brovelli

Maria Antonia Brovelli

Dear All

Below my short presentation.


About me
You can find information about me:  (the nickname “Queen of FOSS4G” was added by lovely fans ;-)) 

(Click on download CV)
Then you can find me on Linkedin, twitter, facebook. Unfortunately I’m not able to keep everything updated and therefore you find here and there pieces of my life.

My vision

I have been all my life a strong supporter of open source GIS because I believe that knowledge as well as data are commons (Common good) of humanity. Geography, together with history (space and time) is one of the keys for analyzing the world around us and GIS in a broad sense (i.e., the geospatial web) are the tools allowing these analyses. Geospatial tools, data and information have to be accessible by everyone in the world and here education plays a fundamental role. We will bring our free geospatial tools to every child in every part of the world, hoping to give him the possibility of becoming a better human being. And we will spread our free geospatial tools everywhere.

What you have done within the community in the past

Mainly I have been educating people who become then part of the community. I helped in the Education and Curriculum Committee and in the organization of many Academic Tracks. I organized the first national conference about FOSS4G in 2000  (   only in Italian) and I was involved in the organization of the International Open Source Free Software GIS - GRASS users conference 2002 in Trento (Italy) ( ) I was one of the founder of the Italian Chapter. In fact the first official headquarters of GFOSS was in Politecnico di Milano – Como Campus. I was the chair of FOSS4G Europe 2016. I am currently part of G4A (chair of two networks: the European and the Geocrowdsourcing CitizenScience and member of the Board) and one of the two chairs of the United Nation Committee (  ) . As a researcher, I contributed to development of FOSS4G methods and tools.

What your interests are in terms of the board

I want to help as a connection between the Board and G4A (I’m mainly a researcher and an educator). Secondly I want to make stronger the connections we have with many sister associations (the ones we already have MoUs and those we want to create them) especially humanitarian associations like HOT, Missing Maps and so on. I will go ahead in working for the UN OSGeo initiative and I will act as contact between the Committees supporting this initiative and the Board. But above all, I will try to make us keener not only to accepting diversity but to paying more attention and value on it. OSGeo is a great community also because of its diversity. This is a richness we have to cultivate. I want to see more ladies and in general people of the Rest of the World (not only North America and Eu) in the boards of the different committees.

Any things that you would like to change or introduce

I want to work in such a way to give the possibility to everybody in actively participating to OSGeo and to our meetings (e.g. FOSS4G conferences). Part of this will be giving more possibility to women to show up. We need more female leadership in general and in OSGeo also. Women are more or less the half of the population, but we have only 12 % of ladies as charter members. Can we start from this point and try to improve the situation?

What role you would wish to fulfil on the board (if any)

Considering what I said above, I want to be involved as one of the G4A point of contact and as one of the UN Committee point of Contact. Moreover I will be actively support discussion and actions for improving diversity in the OSGeo leadership.

Many thanks to Helena, who nominated me and to all friends who supported my nomination.

Lovely week end

Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli
Vice Rector for Como Campus and GIS Professor
Politecnico di Milano

ISPRS WG IV/4"Collaborative crowdsourced cloud mapping (C3M)"; OSGeo; ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS Advisory Board; NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge; SIFET 

Sol Katz Award 2015


Via Natta, 12/14 - 22100 COMO (ITALY)

Tel. +39-031-3327336 - Mob. +39-328-0023867 - fax. +39-031-3327321

e-mail1: [hidden email][hidden email]

e-mail2: [hidden email]


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