Calling for gvSIG Community: gvSIG Desktop 2.4 translations

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Calling for gvSIG Community: gvSIG Desktop 2.4 translations

Mario Carrera-3

Hi all,

the new gvSIG 2.4 version is starting the stabilization phase, and in
parallel the translations of the interface are being updated in order to
have the final version with as many languages as possible.

Currently gvSIG is translated to more than 25 languages, thank to the
participation of the Community.

There are two ways of collaboration: updating any of the existing
languages, as well as translating gvSIG interface to a new language in
which gvSIG is not translated currently.

If you are interested in translating gvSIG interface you can contact us
[[hidden email]] and we would send the instructions to do it.

Translations that aren’t finished when the final version is released
will be published as a package to be loaded from the gvSIG Add-ons manager.

We expect your collaboration!

Best regards

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