Calibration updates for Sentinel 1 Driver for GDAL

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Calibration updates for Sentinel 1 Driver for GDAL


This query is based on extending the feature support mentioned in this thread

GDAL Sentinel driver doesn’t support calibration as of now. Right now we have an implementation for sigma calibration with GRD datasets.
We are using this reference: 

We would like to support full calibration capability and here are our idea on how the architecture would be. Please forward your suggestions on the same.
Option 1:
 Subdataset: Subswath along with polarization and Calibration combinations.
 Single Band
 Pros: Flexibility for user to select any combination
 Cons: Too many subdatasets

Option 2: (Preferred)
 Subdataset: Combination of swath and polarisation
 Bands: Sigma, Beta, Gamma & Uncalibrated Bands
 Pros: Lesser Subdatasets. Fixed Band Combinations

Option 3:
 Subdataset: Each swath
 Bands: Combination of Calibration and Polarization.
 Cons: Too many subdatasets, lesser flexibility