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CacheWrite/CacheRead with IndexedDB/WebSQL

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I created an application that uses these controls with LocalStorage and it is working well. Tiles persist after refreshing/reloading the page which is something we were looking for. The issue now is the low memory capacity that LocalStorage provides. In my iPhone 4 I get maybe 20 to 27 tiles loaded which for the most part is not enough for the intended use we plan for the application.

In order to improve the storage capacity, I created a custom OL build using the modified controls posted in the last entry of this pull request

and  the storage capacity improves considerably but not all the tiles show back when refreshing/reloading the page while offline as they do with LocalStorage.

As these modified controls are not standard in OL, I was wondering whether more development/testing has been made to improve this functionality and have more storage capacity available. The pull request seems to be still open but no action for 9 monts.  My programming skills are not enough for development but I am willing to help with testing if needed.

Thank you