CSW search in Geospatial Portal: FORBIDDEN

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CSW search in Geospatial Portal: FORBIDDEN


I am using Geospatial Portal 2018 and GeoNetwork Metadata Catalogue. I
want to use Search for data (metadata) function from portal to make
search for metadata from my GeoNetwork.

I have registered CSW from Geonetwork in Geospatial Portal instance, but
any search returns no results. I have enabled DEBUG logging in Portal's
web.config and according to log file Metadata search is  forbidden.
Debug file is uploaded.

Do i need to make change in settings section in GeoNetwork?

Best regards,

Assistant Nenad Antonić, M.Sc. Geod. Eng.

University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Water Management

Ph.D. Student
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Technical Science
Department of Civil Engineering

e-mail: [hidden email]
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