CMake in Geos 3.8.1 - Change runtime install directory

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CMake in Geos 3.8.1 - Change runtime install directory

Mário Rocco Pettinati
Good Afternoon, 

My name is Mário and I'm a Terralib/TerraAmazon developer, and we use GEOS in our opensource projects.

I have a question. I don't know if this mailing list is the best place to ask, but If it is not someone can guide me and I can follow the right steps.

The question is related to CMake. We are building GEOS from source in Windows 10 using VS 2017 64bits. Everything works perfectly with the default build and installation, but we need to output the DLLs into the LIB folder and not the BIN folder during the installation. Obviously I could just copy the installed files to the folder LIB, but this would let the files "lib/cmake/GEOS/geos-targets-debug.cmake" and  "lib/cmake/GEOS/geos-targets-release.cmake" pointing to DLLs files that will not exist anymore in the BIN folder, invalidating the use of "geos-config.cmake". This force us to create our custom "FindGEOS.cmake" to locate GEOS in our custom paths.

Some libraries such as Proj4 and Curl allows us to define the custom the folder to binaries using CMake tags such as: -DBINDIR:PATH=lib or -DCMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR:PATH=lib

When analysing the CMake for GEOS,  in the line 71 of the CMakeLists.txt seems to explicit define the runtimes output to the BIN folder: 

Is there any way to change the folder of the binaries? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance for the time taken to read my issue.

Best regards to you all


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