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Bushfire communication survey

Martin Tomko

Dear all,

some ofyou may know Sisi Zlatanova ( Prof at UNSW), Maurits vander Vlugt, and I started a discussion about how geo* people can help with Bushfire response and recovery. We soon realised that there is so much going on, but that communication is still, often, experienced as an issue. We are here interested in the “user experience” (Ux), by people on the ground. Before we can even discuss how to help, it seems to a good first step would be to gather some information about the problems people experienced.


After minor fine-tunning, we are now happy to release a brief spreadsheet that helps to collect evidence about the experienced problems:


I would like to ask the community to use your social media channels to share this broadly – to not collect information only from geo*experts, but quite on the contrary, from people affected, on the ground. If you can please your social media channels and other otions, please share the below message:



Have your experienced communication problems during the recent bushfire

crisis? Please share your experience: https://forms.gle/EWckNA2X3ZDLkoMU6




No personal information about you will be collected. The data, and the

analysis will be openly shared with the geospatial community.


Thank you very much!


Martin Tomko, Maurits van der Vlugt and Sisi Zlatanova

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