Building a small/core version of geos

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Building a small/core version of geos

Kurt Schwehr-2
Hi all,

First off, I'm doing this with bazel as the build system, so I'm not worried about making sure I don't break the CMake or autoconf builds.

I'm looking to see if I can build a subset of geos with the goal of being able to just use the io WKT portion of geos with the least amount of the rest of geos brought in with the core lib.  I then will add the rest of the geos lib that depends on the core.  Anyone tried that before or have thoughts on how hard it would be to do that?  e.g. some code would only need the geometry representation of WKT source and it would be best to pull in the least amount of other code with it.  That would also make testing of things like io as light as possible.

I'm going to see what I can remove while still being able to run my tests that are here:



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