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Budget 2020: Reallocation of EGU budget | Rescognito

"Peter Löwe"
Hi list,

1) the budget earmarked for activities related to the EGU conference (2250 EUR) could not used due to the virtualization of the event.
This gives us an opportunity to allocate these funds for other purposes in 2020.
This needs to be discussed.

2) The Rescognito portal (https://rescognito.com) might be of interest for OSGeo and Open Science:

"Rescognito is a free service for recognizing and promoting good research citizenship. With Rescognito you can recognize your colleagues - and be recognized by colleagues - for meaningful contributions to scholarly research, such as: mentoring, methodology development, community engagement, public outreach, teaching and more!

How to use Rescognito: Search for a colleague. Click to view their Open Ledger. Click the "Recognize" button displayed next to their name or publications. Use Rescognito to award and claim CRediT for a particular manuscript (video explainer) or to complete Checklists(video explainer) such as Data Availability Checklists.View Examples"


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