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Board and/or fundraising committee activity?

Jo Walsh
dear all,
On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 02:42:08PM -0400, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> >It could still be a Fundraising committee, but perhaps all board members
> >could join.  Fundraising could also be added as recurring item on Board
> >meeting agendas.  We could start a list of potential donors, available
> >grants (is that started somewhere already?).
> I am not involved in too many other comparable organizations.  But my
> wife is on the local library board.  They have a fundraising committee
> but most of the board is on it as well as some other friends of the
> library.

Right, i would be concerned that the expectation of a board being the
primary fundraisers / more importantl fundraisers, might come from a
more corporate or controlled context than this broad group of projects
& people...

If any committee is stalling or needs help it should have recourse to
the Board to help fix. I agree there should be a lot of overlap
between Board and Fundraising groups.

I would be interested in helping to get organisations to sponsor the
foundation, I would like to talk to the JRC about this and wonder if
others think this is a good idea, or suggest who to approach.

Then it would be great to have a HOWTO especially for projects on how
they can use the Foundation vehicle to get project-directed funding.
New projects especially may just not be aware of this.

Like the old Howard Dean campaign thing perhaps it is better to have
100 people trying to hit up their employer for a basic sponsorship :)
At this point i wish that 
was filled in with more advice...


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