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Oliver May-4
Hi All, 

following-up on our brainstorm yesterday. The Geosparc academy has some trainings starting next week. 

Would it be possible to get an banner here in Ghent? 

Also we can provide some default slides (max 3) to the sessions with some basic information about OSGeo Belgium. I'll try to prepare something during the weekend.

I talked with Jeroen about announcing 'official' osgeo Belgium trainings, and Geosparc supports the idea!

PS: is there a location for the GA? Can we do it at becentral?

kind regards,

Oliver May

Support manager -- geospatial architect

Out of office on wednesdays

Brugsesteenweg 587

9030 Gent

+32 9 23 66 018

+32 484 97 77 70

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