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Azure App Proxy recommendations

Paul Wittle-3

Hi all,


I’m aware of the recent discussions relating to the status of community modules and as a result I’d been trying to migrate away from using Authkey. Ironically since I started the process that module has started the process of moving to a full extension but as I’ve started investigating I thought I’d finish.


Our council uses Microsoft Windows (I know, unpopular) and so I’ve been pointed at using Azure Application Proxy as a good route. This is to ensure that logins use two-factor as required and to ensure it would be inline with other applications as well as providing a single sign on solution.


We were discussing things like SAML and OAUTH in terms of alternatives or ways that the app proxy might connect back to the GeoServer but I notice both of these protocols are still in the community plugins.


Is there an ‘official’ recommendation of how one might hook into something like Azure App Proxy which doesn’t rely on community plugins?


Our current hypothesis would be along the lines of using App Proxy to authenticate then passing the user via HTTP Header Proxy Authentication and possibly finally something to do with LDAP as well.


We have successfully tested an LDAP connection so far but I just wondered if there is any popular ways to authenticate using Microsoft based methods?


Thank you in advance,


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