Average height over catchment in grass gis

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Average height over catchment in grass gis

Dear users 
 I am writting you here with the hope of getting some ideas about how to caculate what Kirsten Hennrich et al., refers to as average catchment height (Ha) I found this infomation in the proceedings of an international conference called regionalisation of hydrology. 

In page 184, he says that it is possible to calculate  Ha  using r.statistics in GRASS GIS (IAHS publication no. 254). 

I have been using sofar SAGA GIS to do the job.   But recently  I am  experiencing some memory issues with SAGA GIS. In the old versions of  SAGA GIS  this calculation was named catchment height.  The new versions of SAGA GIS require that the user calculate  the mean over catchment  (MoC) first. Thereafter is MoC substrated from the original DTM. The product of this is the average catchment height or simply catchment height. 

Have someone in this group used GRASS GIS to calculate Catchment height in GRASS GIS. Any  hint will be appreciated.

Best regards
Rengifo Ortega

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