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Australian Space Agency grants

adam steer-2
Hi folks

The Australian Space Agency has announced a round of grants for capability development around collaboration with international space agencies:

I think there’s a lot of opportunity for the OSGeo audience there, particularly around developing open remote sensing tools and workflows.

I plan to lead a proposal (with some long term collaborators); and would also be happy to:

- create new collaborative projects (I may also use this list to find capabilities I need within this community)
- discuss ideas outside of my own sphere of expertise (in confidence)
- donate some time to reviewing proposals (also in confidence, and maybe quid pro quo - getting someone else to read over mine)

There’s a good chunk of money up for grabs, easily enough to bootstrap a new venture / get something really awesome done - and help raise the profile of our lean, awesome, open community :)

Regards, and good luck if you go for it!! I hope my own ideas have very stiff competition...



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