Astrid Emde Receives 2018 Sol Katz Award

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Astrid Emde Receives 2018 Sol Katz Award

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Astrid Emde was honoured with the 2018 Sol Katz Award, presented on 29
August 2018, during the gala dinner of the FOSS4G event in Dar es
Salaam. This was the 14th year of the award.

Astrid has been involved in FOSS for a long time, starting through her
early Mapbender work at the CCGIS company in Germany, to becoming one of
the leaders of the Mapbender team at the WhereGroup company, and now the
backbone of OSGeo (working with the OSGeoLive team, helping with the
OSGeo news items, organizing OSGeo Board meetings, processing license
agreements as the OSGeo Secretary role, and becoming a true leader as an
OSGeo Board of Director). Astrid is very active organizing events such
as FOSSGIS events, the FOSSGIS e.V. local chapter events, preparing
OSGeo booth materials, and helping organize code sprints all around the

Astrid is constantly working behind the scenes for the community, and
her calm nature has helped many across the world to feel comfortable and

On behalf of the OSGeo and FOSSGIS communities we congratulate and thank
Astrid for all of her passion. Thank you Astrid, you deserve this.

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