Apr. 10, 2011..."free/open source geomatics" lyrics, nine years after

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Apr. 10, 2011..."free/open source geomatics" lyrics, nine years after

andrea giacomelli-2
Dear all,

As many folks are doing, in this lockdown period I am putting a little time to tidy up things etc.

...an exercise I set up (with a script) out of curiosity is checking what has been documented in my blog on any given day in the past years...I have over 1700 posts since 2007, so several stories I don't have off the top of my head, and things surface here and there.

anyway: the script helped me remember that on Apr. 10, 2011 I wrote this

for non Italian folks, the reference to (G)FOSS is how we called here geographic free/open-source software.

Once thing I am noticing today, is that the song starts with a reference to being "locked in" ... this sound a bit literal today...but back then it was referred to licensing... anyway...

...if you like the genre, you might also want to check how these ideas developed: our latest release, just a few days ago, has called in a T-Rex and a slide guitarist with long curly hair on a set where community maps we created in the past years in participatory mapping projects are used as carpets.

Until the next osgeo-song..

Best regards!

Andrea Giacomelli
Cultura, Ambiente, Innovazione Libera
P. IVA: 01582480537

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