Any Mapcache Forwarding Examples?

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Any Mapcache Forwarding Examples?

Gad Dox

I've got mapcache setup and seeded, and now I'm trying to get all of the really small zoom level requests to be forward to mapserver. I've tried to use the example provided in the UMS MapServer 7.0.7 docs, and multiple variations, but my Nginx server keeps returning 403s like usual for unseeded tiles.

I've tried:

      <forwarding_rule name="first rule">
Under my wms service tags. I've tried without append_pathinfo, without the question mark in url, with the full path to the correct params in url (ex. localhost/wms/?map=mapfile&layer=layer&etc), and renaming the rule to "catch all."

I'm using openlayers as a front-end, and it calls the mapcache cgi with urls like
Which return true if the SQLlite binary has the bbox seeded, but 403s on unseeded requests. My backend is Nginx with FastCGI. FCGI has "$path_info" in its params too. There are no discernible errors in either my Nginx logs, my mapfile logs, or my mapcache response headers (only returns "403 forbidden" with "report" error level).
If I replace "/mapcache/?" with "/wms/?MAP=/maps/" in the url bar, it returns the proper tile with no errors.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to solving this or share their working forwarding_rule snippet?

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