Announcing PROJ 6.2.0

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Announcing PROJ 6.2.0

Jorge Sanz
On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the
release of PROJ 6.2.2.  See release notes below for details.

Download the source distribution here:

In addition we are also releasing an update to the proj-datumgrid-europe
package, which is now at version 1.4. Download it here:

The grid package now includes the two Swiss grids CHENyx06a.gsb and


6.2.0 Release Notes


 o Introduced PROJJSON, a JSON encoding of WKT2 (#1547)

 o Support CRS instantiation of OGC URN's (#1505)

 o Expose scope and remarks of database objects (#1537)

 o EPSG Database updated to version 9.7.0 (#1558)

 o Added C API function proj_grid_get_info_from_database() (#1494)

 o Added C API function
   proj_operation_factory_context_set_discard_superseded() (#1534)

 o Added C API function proj_context_set_autoclose_database() (#1566)

 o Added C API function proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() (#1567)

 o Added C API function proj_cleanup() (#1569)

 Bug Fixes

 o Fixed build failure on Solaris systems (#1554)

Kristian Evers
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