Announcing PROJ 6.1.1

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Announcing PROJ 6.1.1

Kristian Evers-2
On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the
release of PROJ 6.1.1. This release is a patch release which fixes
9 bugs and updates the EPSG database to the most recent version.
See release notes below for details.

Download the source distribution here:

6.1.1 Release Notes


o Update EPSG registry to version 9.6.3 (1485)

Bug Fixes

o Take the passed authority into account when identifying
  objects (#1466)

o Avoid exception when transforming from NAD83 to projected
  CRS using NAD83(2011) (#1477)

o Avoid off-by-one reading of name argument if name of resource
  file has length 1 (#1489)

o Do not include PROJ_LIB in proj_info().searchpath when context
  search path is set (#1498)

o Use  correct delimeter for the current platform when parsing
  PROJ_LIB (#1497)

o Do not confuse 'ID74' CRS with WKT2 ID[] node (#1506)

o WKT1 importer: do case insensitive comparison for axis
  direction (#1509)

o Avoid compile errors on GCC 4.9.3 (#1512)

o Make sure that pipelines including +proj=ob_tran can be
  created (#1526)


Version 6.1.1 is made possible by the following contributors:

Alan D. Snow
Paul Menzel
Mateusz Łoskot
Bas Couwenberg
Peter Limkilde Svendsen
Mike Taves
Howard Butler
Nyall Dawson
Andrew Bell
Kristian Evers
Even Rouault

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