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Announcing: OpenStreetCam competitions

Martijn van Exel-3
Hi folks, 

My first post on this list. I’m Martijn, Dutchman living in USA. I am a long time OSM Contributor and currently on the OSMF board (not for much longer, elections are next week). I also work at Telenav, where I am on a team that works on OpenStreetMap (both map improvements and software). We created OpenStreetCam (OSC) in 2016 as an open alternative for Google Streetview, which cannot be used for mapping OSM as per their terms. OSC images are free to use for OSM mapping and any other purpose. The apps to capture and most other aspects of the platform, including a machine learning based system for recognizing road signs, are open source.

OSC now has almost 200 million images, but not a lot yet in either Australia or New Zealand. So we decided to have a competition. Whoever has the most OSC points by the end of January 2019 gets an AUS/NZ$100 gift card, two runners up get an $25 gift card. You can find details here:

Feel free to repost this elsewhere, and please do get in touch with any questions.


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