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Agenda for Spring PSC

Dan Little-2
Hi Folks,

As Wednesday approaches, here comes the agenda.  There are a few asks
for review below.  Please take not of them and give the agenda a good

Thanks everyone!


1. Welcome Tanya!
2. Saint Paul Funded Recent Enhancements.
     - Those with the checkbook get the keystrokes.
3. Planning a GeoMOOSE 2.8 Release / Ticket Review
     - Some stuff is spec'd by Saint Paul but can be punted or branched.
     - Other tickets were submitted but are somewhat awkward.  For
example, PR #40, is not based on master.
     - Please review tickets before the meeting! At least the 2.8
4. MS4W Troubles, OSGeo4W Considerations
     - Jeff claims a new version is in the works.  Has been 'solid'
for 6 months.
     - Do we need to get Jeff money? "GoFundMe" style?
     - What are the active problems with OSGeo4W? Has anyone tried it?
5. Adopting a Diversity Policy
     - This has been a long time coming.
     - I belive the QGIS statement is a good place to start and should
be formed into an RFC.
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