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Add a harvester to my GN

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Dear all,

I already tested schema profile of SensorML and I can manually import my own sensorml metadata into my running GN.
They way I am working at the moment is that I add my SOS using ISO 19139 and then run "DescribeSensor" for sensor provided through the SOS. In my SOS I have 5 sensors for every of them i ran DescribeSesnor, saved them manually and then imported them into my GN. Then from SOS metadata I linked those datasets (in my case 3 sensorml metadata).

although it is not the perfect result but I am happy with it, at this stage of my project. Now my next step is to automatize this process. Or in my word, to develop a harvester which
1) use the operation SOS Getcapabilities (SOS V2.0) and then map the attributes to the corresponding ISO 19139 attributes
2) then on the fly I fetch the sensors and run the DescribeSensor on the same SOS and then import and in fact map them into sensorML metadata.
3) and the link between SOS and the related sensors should be made.

Could you please advice me on what is the best way to go forward with this?

Best regards

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