Add DB2 as a new data source

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Add DB2 as a new data source

Hi everyone,
I’m the new as a Geoserver developer…

I was trying to add unsupported data store – "DB2" into Geoserver as a new data source,
I’ve been put db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license.jar from my DB2 installer directory to $GEOSERVER_SOURCE\src\web\app\target\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib, and also gt-jdbc-db2-2.7.2.jar

Is that the right directory for DB2 jars?

I have no idea why there is no DB2 option shows on data source after I put these jars in that directory.
While I was using the installer version of Geoserver, it seems quite easy to add DB2 in it…
I was trying to build Geotools enrivonment up, but I couldn’t… so it’s getting really hard for tracing the source code. ><

Is anyone have any idea about this problem?
I'm looking forward to get any information from there, Thank you so so much.

Best Wishes,