ASP.NET webservice & FDO 4.0

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ASP.NET webservice & FDO 4.0

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Hi All,
  I need to create a webservice that convert from SHP format to postgis.
My void webservice start whitout error but when I add OSGeo.FDO,OSGeo.FDO.Common,OSGeo.FDO.Geometry I get this error:
Impossibile to load file or assembly 'OSGeo.FDO.Common' or one of its dependencies.

I add to the project the other file (provider.xml,FDO.dll,FDOCommon.dll...)
and set that these will be copy on output folder but nothing change.

My webservice use .NET Framework 4.5 and is set form x64 CPU.

Can you help me? Any suggestion?
Kind Regards