ANNOUNCEMENT: OpenLayers 2.13 RC2

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ANNOUNCEMENT: OpenLayers 2.13 RC2

Bart van den Eijnden
The OpenLayers dev team is proud to announce the 2nd release candidate of OpenLayers 2.13! RC2 comes about one week after RC1, and fixes a number of things:

 * missing @requires tag in the ModifyFeature control. #969
 * make sure OpenLayers.Util.isEquivalentUrl does not fail on comma separated arguments such as bbox for url comparisons in the TileManager. #974
 * make Feature handler propogate touch events. #955

We invite you to help us test the 2.13 release candidate! To test 2.13 in your applications, include the following tag in your OpenLayers-powered page:

As always, the source is available at Bug reports can be filed in GitHub at Make sure to use the 2.13 label (and for developers, the 2.13-rc2 milestone).


Bart van den Eijnden
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