[ANN] MapProxy - new caching proxy for geospatial data

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[ANN] MapProxy - new caching proxy for geospatial data

Oliver Tonnhofer-5

This is a one-time post to announce the MapProxy project, an open  
source proxy for geospatial data. MapProxy caches, accelerates and  
transforms data from existing map servers. It is a middle-man between  
existing web map servers (like MapServer or GeoServer) and clients.  
All existing web and desktop GIS applications can be used, but also  
modern clients like OpenLayers and GoogleEarth.

The project started late 2008 and is now available as Open Source. It  
is actively developed and supported by Omniscale and is released under  
the GNU AGPL License 3.0. The project is looking for developers and  

   - Accelerate WMS servers
   - Serve WMS/TMS/KML requests
   - Reproject data on-the-fly
   - Add watermarks/attribution
   - many more

It is written in Python and should run on all major platforms.

For more information, please come to http://mapproxy.org/

Thank you,

Oliver Tonnhofer <[hidden email]>
Omniscale - Dominik Helle, Oliver Tonnhofer GbR
Nadorster Str. 60, 26123 Oldenburg
Tel: +49(0)441/9392774-2 (Fax: 9)

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