A simple circle upgrades the State of the Map

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A simple circle upgrades the State of the Map

Henrique Koehler


Dear standards board,


please be informed about a relevant presentation within the virtual conference FOSS4G Korea 2020, session 4: https://foss4g.osgeo.kr/track-english-01

This event will possibly be considered as the start of the abolition of enigmatic location codes, maps without reference grid, signage without cardinal points etc.

The circle and the Time Space Convention have all characteristics for to be a free standard and my proposal is, to think about adopting it.  





A simple circle upgrades the State of the Map

Henrique Koehler / Munich Orientation Convention

Nonacademic reference grids A, B, C, 1, 2, 3... are hardly zoomable, so they got unused. Consequently, the State of the Map is a Naked Emperor: no grid at all (!) and the answer to the question "where?" is "here!" www.volksnav.de/YouAreHere . This unworthy situation caused the proliferation of enigmatic location codes, some based on names (!?) www.volksnav.de/alternatives.


A simple standard circle www.volksnav.de/r100Seoul and the rebirth of the Time/Space Convention *) will upgrade the State of the Map, create imaginable location codes, help to avoid confusions  www.volksnav.de/confusions etc. etc..

FOSS4G Korea 2020 can have a relevant role on this quantum jump.


*)  if I look outwards, right hand is clockwise


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