A painless self-hosted Git service.

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A painless self-hosted Git service.

Sandro Santilli-2
I just discovered a wonderful new git-hosting project: gigs.
Contrary to gitlab there's no community/enterprise editions,
but a single open source (MIT) edition.

It supports LDAP out of the box, so could be using the OSGeo
accounts. And it supports interface localization (which may be
nice to have, as OSGeo aims to be more international).

Deploy is very simple, it's written in Go, which is a compiled
language, the result is a single binary of 32MB that I'm
successfully running on my leaving room's minipc based TV
using a PostgreSQL database as the backend :)

Give it a try: http://try.gogs.io, then tell me how would you
feel about an OSGeo provided instance of it.

Homepage of the project: https://gogs.io/

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