A new use for QGIS

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A new use for QGIS

Bob Pawley

I am well into the process of using Postgis as a GEOMETRIC Information System for developing engineering design. It has proven to be quite useful for the purpose. (Anyone interested can check out what I am doing at - www.automatingdesign.com  )

I am looking at converting QGIS as a viewer for the data developed in PostgreSQL/Postgis. I like the idea of direct access to WKB information.

To begin, I would be interested in the viewer, zoom and pan. Hopefully, the connection will be made through PostgreDAC that I have already established in a Delphi application. Layers would be directly connected to Postgis tables. I don’t need projections nor the ability to view other databases.

Eventually, I would also include shape file manipulation.

Two question for now –

1. Is this plan possible with QGIS software?
2. My software skills are “learn as I go” so could I expect some help from the community for this project - mostly regarding overviews and language?