7th International gvSIG Conference. Open Planet 5 Magazine

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7th International gvSIG Conference. Open Planet 5 Magazine

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7th International gvSIG Conference. Open Planet 5 Magazine

Open Planet 5, the magazine published for the International gvSIG Conference is now available in electronic format [1].

We launch the 7th International gvSIG Conference with a striking slogan, “Conquering new areas.” If we look back we can see that the slogans of previous years are still valid in the gvSIG project, more strongly than ever, and without losing their meaning within the mission and vision that characterize us: Sharing knowledge, Building realities, We continue growing, Consolidating and advancing, Moving forward together, Knowledge for change.

But we believe that this is not enough, we must take a step further. So, as we project and work to conquer new areas, areas not yet reached by free geomatics and reserved to those with the monopoly of knowledge; The time has come, we should not conform but continue working and organizing knowledge, technology, geomatics so that it is universal to be universal and available to everyone, without having to compromising anything.

In this issue we will talk about these achievements, where undoubtedly the gvSIG Community plays a fundamental role, understood in all its diversity: geographical and linguistical communities, users, developers, universities, government … that together form a group that drive hard in each of their areas towards the common interest.
This is a magazine made by and for the gvSIG Community.

We hope you enjoy it.

[1] http://jornadas.gvsig.org/descargas/magazine

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