2nd gvSIG Day at the Nottingham University (UK)

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2nd gvSIG Day at the Nottingham University (UK)

2nd gvSIG Day at the Nottingham University (UK)


the 2nd gvSIG Day will be held next June 22nd at the Nottingham University (UK) [1]. The main objective of this event is to dynamize the gvSIG Community at the UK. It's organized by the gvSIG Association and it's included at the OSGIS 2011.

Among the planned activities there are several technological sessions:

Session 1: gvSIG Vector Functions
Session 2: gvSIG SDI functions and Publishing Extension
Session 3: gvSIG Raster and Remote Sensing functions
Session 4: gvSIG Mobile and gvSIG Mini
Session 5: gvSIG 3D Extension
Session 6: gvSIG Network Extension

Besides, there will be a workshop that will deal with the gvSIG community and the gvSIG Association, the collaborative infrastructure of the project, case studies... For further details about the planned activities you can consult [2].

If you want to attend the gvSIG Day and the main conference on 22nd June 2011, you can register from [3], selecting the "One day" option.

If you wish to know the project more closely, we invite all of you (GIS professionals, gvSIG users, students, researchers, companies, local
administrations...) to attend this event. In that way, if you are interested in speaking with us during the event, you can contact with the gvSIG Association previously to organize a meeting during that day [4].

We expect you!!

[1] http://www.opensourcegis.org.uk/
[2] http://cgs.nottingham.ac.uk/~osgis11/gvSIGDay.pdf
[3] http://osgis2011.wufoo.com/forms/third-open-source-gis-conference-osgis-2011/
[4] http://www.gvsig.com/contact

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