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2017 Budget request

What I (just) sent in:

To the Budgeting Committee,

As a PSC project member and on behalf of the GeoMOOSE Project, I would like to request a 2017 Budget of $3000.00. 

This amount will be used to partially fund the following Project initiatives:
    • Provide for a GeoMOOSE presence in at least three regional conferences for the GeoMOOSE project.
    • Provide for generation of OSGeo-Live USB Thumbdrives for handout at conferences and other project participation events.
    • Provide seed funding for at least one GeoMOOSE code Sprint.
    • Provide seed funding for at least one GeoMOOSE workshop.

Bob Basques

PSC - GeoMOOSE project.


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