[2.5.2]Error message DbEnv::txn_begin: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error

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[2.5.2]Error message DbEnv::txn_begin: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error

Rémy Gourrat



When i build some tiles with mgcooker (6.0.a3) and defaults parameters connected to a mapguide 2.5.2,


After many hours, I see in error the log a strange message repeated thousands and thousands times.


But the Mapguide server continues to respond to mgcooker queries during long hours and write this message in the error Log :


<2014-09-28T23:03:20>                4344                                      Administrator

 Error: An exception occurred in DB component.

        DbEnv::txn_begin: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery


  - MgTimedEventHandler.handle_timeout() line 130 file c:\working\build_area\mapguide\2.5.2\x64\mgdev\server\src\core\TimedEventHandler.cpp

  - MgResourceChangeEventHandler.HandleEvent() line 76 file c:\working\build_area\mapguide\2.5.2\x64\mgdev\server\src\core\ResourceChangeEventHandler.cpp

  - MgServiceManager.DispatchResourceChangeNotifications() line 541 file c:\working\build_area\mapguide\2.5.2\x64\mgdev\server\src\common\manager\ServiceManager.cpp

  - MgServerResourceService.EnumerateParentMapDefinitions() line 1539 file c:\working\build_area\mapguide\2.5.2\x64\mgdev\server\src\services\resource\ServerResourceService.cpp

  - MgRepositoryManager.CreateTransaction() line 144 file c:\working\build_area\mapguide\2.5.2\x64\mgdev\server\src\services\resource\RepositoryManager.cpp  


In the same time, If I try to display a map in a browser, often Mapguide fails to load the map and fails to generates the tiles .


I must restart the MapGuide service.


Someone have an idea to optimize the mapguide server ?


I see some parameters in config ini, but it's the first time i see this message in mapguide server and i worked on others mapguide server for the same works without problem.


thanks for you help




AG-Carto - Bayonne
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Re: [2.5.2]Error message DbEnv::txn_begin: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error

It happens to me too. I didn't use mgcooker, but my new launched AIMS Server is down very often, check the log file, it has this error information, but since I ahve many maps, each map has many layers including lots of base layers need to be tiled.