2.10.3 -> 3.2.1 upgrade, how to handle data folder?

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2.10.3 -> 3.2.1 upgrade, how to handle data folder?

David I

We've a jetty9 running an instance of Geonetwork 2.10.3 on a Windows server with a Postgresql db.

The documentation isn't available it seems: http://geonetwork-opensource.org/manuals/trunk/eng/users/maintainer-guide/updating/manual-update.html  so I found from a prior thread on a similar subject that

1. Updating the database via the updater sql scripts
2. Update the application and edit WEB-INF\config-db\postgres.xml, jdbc.properties, config-node\srv.xml to match the db details.
3. Restore the old data folder

Just doing 2 (removing the old /geonetwork folder in webapps and putting the 3.2.1 one there) and restarting jetty) seems to have updated the db, it takes a few minutes but then the interface does show the approximate number of datasets and user logins are working.  It does complain about /geonetwork/srv/eng/small.bmp missing everywhere but that isn't fatal.

Trying to edit a dataset shows the toolbar and then white. Viewing works. But anyway, to reinstate attachments and the like we need our old data folder.. so deleting the new web-inf\data and reinstating the old one- config, data, removed, index. Delete the new \spatialindex and delete the spatialindex.shp in index. (otherwise the application fails to start, it misses some _id column, several exclamation marks, in the shp)

 Restart ... we have thumbnails even, but editing still white.

Two 404s when loading the edit screen refer to iso19139 ..so I noticed that the 3.2.1 data\config has groovy and other things not found in our 2.10.3 config. Delete the old \config from the new application and reinstate the new \config ->

No more 404 but the edit view still won't load. The console shows Error: JSON.parse: expected ',' or '}' after property value in object at line 1 column 1658 of the JSON data and a few following errors.

How does one go about performing this upgrade?

I could export all metadatarecords and import them in a new clean installation, probably, but then all categories and groups would need to be recreated, plus potentially a few other things.

Thanks for any advice.