1st telecon minutes and working link for abbreviations spreadsheet

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1st telecon minutes and working link for abbreviations spreadsheet

Reese Plews
Dear Lexicon Group Members:

The first telecon was held on 2020-03-06. The minutes of the meeting are
available here:

During the telecon we discussed moving forward with an examination of
the osglex_doc_n3_OSGeo_Abbreviations_and_Acronyms_working spreadsheet.

A discussion document has been prepared and will be used for adding the
discussions and ideas about finalizing the list of abbreviations and

We are thinking this work will be open until April 6, 2020 or depending
upon the feedback during that period.

Members who participated in the telecon have been given write access to
the documents. Other members should contact send a private message and I
will supply the access. Even if you could not participate in the
telecon, please request access to the documents.

We look forward to your input.

Best regards,


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