11th International gvSIG Conference: "It's possible. It's real"

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11th International gvSIG Conference: "It's possible. It's real"

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The 11th International gvSIG Conference [1], organized by the gvSIG
Association, will be held from December 2nd to 4th 2015 at La Petxina
Sports-Cultural Complex (Valencia - Spain), under the slogan "It's
possible. It's real".

Call for papers is now open. As of today communication proposals can be
sent to the email address: [hidden email]; they will be
evaluated by the scientific committee as to their inclusion in the
conference program.

There are two types of communication: paper or poster. Information
regarding to regulations on communication presentations can be found in
the Communications section of the website. Abstracts will be accepted
until September 25th.

Organizations interested in collaborating in the event can find
information in the section: How to collaborate.

[1] http://jornadas.gvsig.org

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