1 month to Funchal dev meeting

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1 month to Funchal dev meeting

Giovanni Manghi
Dear PSC,
we are just one month away from the next dev meeting and I wanted to
make a quick resume of the organization.

In the wiki page


I added some infos was missing.

We have now 4 confirmed sponsorships and actively looking for more:

the regional government (specifically two institutions "Secretaria
Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais" and "Instituto das Florestas
e Conservação da Natureza") is taking care of the room rental and will
also cover 2 dinners (the 21st and 24th or 25th of February) at the
same hotel where the meeting will take place.

the portuguese osgeo local chapter is giving 250 euros

naturalgis.pt is giving ~1150 euros

This 1400 euros should be enough to cover the expenses for the coffee
breaks plus 2 more dinners (depending on wine consumption ;) ).

with regards

-- Giovanni --
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