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1.5.2 beta1 Release

Frank Warmerdam

I have prepared a new libgeotiff release (beta for now) based on the new
EPSG 6.17 .csv files.  This release also includes the new "simple tags"
interface so that it is easier to use libgeotiff to process geotiff tags
in other file formats, such as LAS.  For more info on liblas see:


Other notes in the ChangeLog include:

2008-07-03  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Fix potential buffer overflow in GTIFAngleStringToDD
2008-05-21  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * bin/geotifcp.c: Support for -4 option to set from proj.4 def.

        * geotiff_proj4.c: Preliminary proj4->geotiff function, quite incomplete

2008-05-09  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_simpletags.{c,h}, geo_new.c, geotiff.h: Introduce "simple tags"
        API for parsing geotiff tags that don't come via libtiff.  Mostly for
        use of liblas.

2008-01-31  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Ignore GCS values less than 1 as seen in the ENVI
        generated file reported in:

2007-12-11  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_normalize.c: Add EPSG 9822 (Albers Equal Area) support from EPSG

2007-10-02  Frank Warmerdam  <[hidden email]>

        * geo_new.c: avoid memory leak in case of error.

It can be found at:


Let me know if there are any problems.  If not, I'll produce a 1.2.5 final

Best regards,
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