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The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) supports a community which develops high quality open source geospatial software, data, and education resources.

- The OSGeo Projects Forum points to software and data projects that OSGeo supports.
- The OSGeo Foundation Forum is for discussion directly related to Foundation business.
- The OSGeo Committees Forum is for internal mailing lists for the various working committees that perform the business of OSGeo.

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OSGeo Foundation Topics Posts Last Post
6001 20487
by Jorge Gustavo Rocha
500 500
by Victoria Rautenbach
OSGeo Software Projects Topics Posts Last Post
deegree is a java framework for geospatial software based on the specifications of the OpenGIS Consortium and the ISO. The focus is based on the realisation of OGC specified web services. It is developed in cooperation between lat/lon and the Uni of Bonn. deegree home is here. 3257 10102
by Jamescharlie
Feature Data Objects (FDO) is a spatial data access and manipulation abstraction layer, allowing you to easily access and perform common spatial operations on many different data formats. 1633 7150
by georgepaul
2254 7598
by Brent Fraser
GeoNetwork opensource is a Free and Open Source catalog application to manage spatially referenced resources. It provides powerful metadata editing and search functions as well as an embedded interactive web map viewer. 20666 34887
by Madison Shaw-2
GeoNode discussion groups 2582 8947
by Mike Saunt-2
This is the developers mailing list for GEOS.

GEOS (Geometry Engine - Open Source) is a C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS). As such, it aims to contain the complete functionality of JTS in C++. This includes all the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL" spatial predicate functions and spatial operators, as well as specific JTS topology functions such as IsValid().
1399 5977
by geos-2
GeoServer project is a full transactional Java (J2EE) implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature Server specification, with an integrated WMS. GeoServer home is here. 36935 113088
by Arun Govind
GeoTools is *the* open source java GIS toolkit. Used for OGC based projects via GeoAPI interfaces. Includes two great SLD based renderers, raster access and reprojection. Plugns fo Shapefile, ArcGrid, ArcSDE, Postgis, OracleSpatial, MySQL and many more. GeoTools, the java GIS toolkit home is here. 34913 71960
by jobclif
GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) is a translator library for raster geospatial data formats that is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license. 13258 47311
by Doug Niven
GRASS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. GRASS home is here. 54905 188299
by L.Kladivova

This category groups the mailing lists of the gvSIG project. Here you can search and browse the archives of the lists. If you want to participate, please join them! More info in the maiilng lists directory page of the gvSIG website.

Esta categoría agrupa las listas de correo del proyecto gvSIG. Aquí puedes buscar y navegar por los archivos de las listas de forma sencilla. Si quieres participar ¡únete! Para más información, consulta el directorio de listas de correo en la web de gvSIG.

21096 62687
by Mario Carrera-3
Mapbender is a management platform for geospatial data infrastructures (Web-GIS and geo data suite). It is implemented in PHP, JavaScript and SQL. Mapbender provides user interfaces and management for any kind of OGC standardized map and feature service Mapbender home is here. 4206 10271
by Astrid Emde (WhereGr...
A WMS and WFS compliant AJAX-based geographic toolkit. 1627 5298
by jobclif

MapGuide Open Source is a web-based platform that enables users to quickly develop and deploy web mapping applications and geospatial web services.

Please note that Nabble is mirroring the MapGuide mailing lists. If you want your post to be seen by most subscribers, you MUST subscribe to the mailing lists using the links at the top of each forum.

10800 42643
by Jackie Ng
MapServer is an OpenSource development environment for constructing spatially enabled Internet-web applications. The software builds upon other popular OpenSource or freeware systems including Shapelib, FreeType, Proj.4, GDAL/OGR. MapServer home is here. 18810 63140
by jmckenna
The MetaCRS project encapsulates PROJ.4, proj4js, CS-Map, and GeoTIFF. 2308 9722
by karney
OpenLayers makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page. It can display map tiles and markers loaded from any source. 14998 45694
by mortac8
ORFEO Toolbox (OTB) is distributed as an open source library of image processing algorithms.
Sub-Forums: OTB Users
5 7
by jobclif
From PostGIS website: PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. It adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL. 7711 26336
by paul.malm
pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python. 292 867
by Tom Kralidis
QGIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS). QGIS offers support for common vector and raster formats, including Shapefiles, PostGIS, GRASS, GeoTiff, TIFF, JPG, and many more. QGIS home is here. 41338 140450
by Richard Duivenvoorde
Forums from the iTowns project
Sub-Forums: iTowns user iTowns-dev
72 170
by PRIDE12
PyWPS discussion list 315 966
by Idan Miara
librttopo development discussion list, more info at https://git.osgeo.org/gogs/rttopo/librttopo 17 52
by Sandro Santilli-4
Discussions about proj4php project development 2 2
by John Connor
Gisquick project discussions 30 56
by Martin Landa
pygeoapi project discussions 62 145
by Tom Kralidis
Lizmap is an open source application based on QGIS and QGIS Server to easily configure and publish web map applications. 63 184
by frippe12573
Sub-Forums: MapProxy MapProxy Dev
721 2032
by Johannes Weskamm
Bereits viele gehen auf die Remote-Arbeit, bevorzugen Ihre Bürotätigkeit. Ich würde auch gerne Geld verdienen, ohne das Haus zu verlassen. Aber die Sache ist, ich kann nichts. Was mache ich in einer solchen Situation? 1 1
by Sawyer21
This purpose of this list is to discuss the development of the OSGeo Binary Installer for Windows ("OSGeo4W"). 1050 3673
by OSGeo4W
This mailing list is to discussion the creation of a Live DVD containing a collection of the best Geospatial Open Source software, pre-configured with sample data. 3277 14323
by Brian M Hamlin
Discussion groups for the OpenDroneMap project 167 473
by Maik Pohl
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582 2281
by Howard Butler-3
pgRouting extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality. 1413 4149
by Vicky Vergara-2
Mam śmieszne pytanie, ale naprawdę chciałbym znaleźć na nie ODPOWIEDŹ. Jak się wzbogacić nie wychodząc z domu? 1 1
by BillShiphr
Co jeśli nie mogę rozwiązać problemów z pieniędzmi? Będę bardzo wdzięczny, jeśli na pewno możesz mi pomóc 1 1
by Degni
List to contact the OSGeo projects officers 72 223
by Angelos Tzotsos
Fusion is a web-mapping application development framework for MapGuide OS and MapServer built primarily in JavaScript. It allows non-spatial web developers to build rich mapping applications quickly and easily.

Visit the Fusion website!
485 1586
by jobclif
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OSGeo Local Chapters Topics Posts Last Post
Main discussion hub for OSGeo Local Chapters. For old postings, please visit OSGeo mailman archive. Every Local Chapter, whether formalized or just interested should make sure that at least one member follows this list. Ask any question regarding how OSGeo Local Chapter work, what they do, what you want them to do on this list. 5 8
by Astrid Emde (OSGeo)
Started in 2005, this list is for any discussion related to any aspect of open GIS (open source, open data, open content, etc.) anywhere in Africa. As of September 2007 the list has around 170 members from Africa and worldwide. This also serves as a home for the GISSA Open Source Special Interest Group.

Send out a notice, ask a a question, start a debate, discuss a project, anything. Whether you are in Africa or are just interested in what's going on here, no problem.
1270 3950
by Mario Carrera-3
854 2202
by Martin Tomko
OSGeo BC establishes a focal point for liaison, outreach, and technical interests related to open source geospatial within the geography of British Columbia 133 266
by Karsten-3-2
115 248
by FOSS4G 2021 Buenos A...
This list is for local, Brasil, discussions relating to OSGeo. It is primarily in Portuguese. 547 1101
by gvsig
1472 6013
by Régis Haubourg
For general discussion for any related Japan OSGeo activities 1032 3053
by Miura Hiroshi
602 1616
by Paul Churcher
OSGeo Portuguese Local Chapter mailing list 4290 9492
by José Alberto Gonçalv...
Esta es la lista de correo del Capítulo Local de OSGeo para la comunidad hispanohablante. 2962 8631
by Nagore González Etxe...
The UK local chapter of OSGeo wishes to establish a focal point for developers and users of open source geospatial software within the UK, for networking and advice, and to raise the profile of open source geospatial development within the UK. It wishes to promote open source geospatial software as a viable choice for all types of user. 449 1008
by stevenfeldman
Geoinquietos are kind of michochapters appearing in Spain. Check the geoinquietos.org portal and see their twitter actiwity, scheduled meetings, blogging, etc. 10781 21612
by Mario Carrera-3
152 191
by Mario Carrera-3
Sub-Forums: Discuss Board
6 9
by jobclif
0 0 Empty
59 142
by FOSS4G 2021 Buenos A...
OSGeo mailing list for Sri Lanka 39 49
by Malika Gunawardana
为了方便中国的学生、工程师、研究人员方便进行OSGeo信息的交流,建立此邮件列表。欢迎大家订阅,关注国内开源GIS的动态。 22 23
by FOSS4G 2021 Buenos A...
Discussion group for the Ireland OSGeo Local Chapter 41 97
by daniel mcinerney-2
OSGeo Southeast US Local Chapter discussion list 116 169
by Karsten-3-2
Nigeria Local Chapter discussions 5 5
by FOSS4G 2021 Buenos A...
Discussions for the OSGeo Russia Local Chapter 3 3
by FOSS4G 2021 Buenos A...
European OSGeo Chapter 61 226
by pham lan
680 1794
by Mario Carrera-3
370 1117
by jobclif
11 19
by jobclif
US OSGeo Local Chapter discussion list 44 86
by guidos
Madagascar Local Chapter discussions 1 1
by Zino Hoile-2
Lesotho Local Chapter discussions 1 1
by FOSS4G 2021 Buenos A...
A mailing list for Latvian speaking users 1 1
by Peteris
OSGeo Board and Committees Topics Posts Last Post
2047 10722
by Angelos Tzotsos
This forum is for discussions regarding the process of moving from an incubating project to a fully adopted project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). 636 3639
by Peter Petrik
This forum is for discussions regarding the administration of computer systems under the control of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). 3089 12446
by OSGeo
913 5203
by Angelos Tzotsos
429 1347
by Leon
OSGeo Marketing discussions 1177 4547
by adam steer-2
This forum is for discussions regarding the OSGeo WebSite content and design. 422 1678
by OSGeo
This forum is for discussions regarding fundraising to support the ongoing operations of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). 20 44
by Frank Warmerdam
Discussions list for the Open GeoScience committee 154 296
by ldesousa
22 71
by Vicky Vergara-2
43 153
by Pierre Lacroix
Special Interest Groups Topics Posts Last Post
"Geo For All" is an initiative started by the ICA-OSGeo Labs.

Website: http://www.geoforall.org/
2488 5964
by Sergio Acosta y Lara
Daily digest of geospatial links, discussions are encouraged! 1223 1234
by Jorge Sanz
Public discussion of making Sentinel 2 data available on S3 14 28
by Grega Milcinski
Our main objective is to teach and disseminate the use of OSGEO by organizing intensive training courses in academic institutes and research centres. 13 15
by Giuseppe Amatulli
Discussion around Vector Tiles implementations 4 19
by Takagi Satoru
Archive of the Google Code-in discussions
434 544
by Victoria Rautenbach
CBERS Public Dataset Discussion 9 17
by Frederico Liporace
Discussion list about Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF 19 69
by Pedro Gonçalves
Coordinate definitions for terminology used within the OSGeo context 54 123
by Cameron Shorter
Mailing list for all GNU/Linux geospatial repositories to exchange patches etc 1 1
by Pierre Abbat
OSGeo discussion group about standards-related activities, including such things as our interactions with OGC.
301 1203
by Carl Reed-2
63 140
by Christopher Pettit
Discussions about business around FOSS4G 9 58
by pcav
The OSGeo GeoData Project is dedicated to providing open, freely accessibly geospatial data to the world. 206 692
by jody.garnett
Prompted by discussion on creating forestry plugins for QGIS.. this list is open for discussion of all forestry related topics involving open source software that may involve geospatial concepts. 20 66
by MEGA-2
Improving interoperability between open source metadata servers and clients. 19 52
by Arnulf Christl-3
This list is aimed to build a comunity of interest around the utilities and telecom sectors to discuss and develop open source solutions, datamodels, and open standards. 3 4
by Graeme Herbert
OSGeo Publications Topics Posts Last Post
Visit the GeoTalleres github repo for more details. 26 91
by Eduardo Silverio da ...
This is a mailing list for discussing the publication of the official OSGeo Journal. 261 907
by Eli Adam

Lista dedicada al tema del Libro SIG de OSGeo que se trata en esta pagina

Es un libro sobre la teoría de Sistemas de Información Geográfica que se pretende redactar dentro del marco de OSGeo.

Si eres nuevo, visita las secciones Calendario de trabajo y Metodología para hacerte una idea de cómo se lleva a cabo el trabajo y en qué etapa del mismo nos encontramos, y así poder colaborar con nosotros.

Mailing list dedicated to the Free GIS Book in Spanish, for more info see this wiki article

The Free GIS Book is a collaborative project under OSGeo.

If you want to participate visit the schedule and metodology articles to get an idea of how work is being carried on and where we are.

40 160
by Jorge Sanz (OSGeo)
OSGeo conferences Topics Posts Last Post
List to coordinate the FOSS4G Europe annual conference. 76 311
by Peteris
This list is used for discussions regarding workshops and tutorials at the annual FOSS4G conference. 6 9
by Frank Warmerdam
FOSS4G France conference discussions 36 292
by simogeo
FOSS4G Oceania mailing lists 272 1543
by Jonah Sullivan
Others Topics Posts Last Post
Topics posted in the wrong place. 105 208
by empire
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